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PHP, XML, Flash

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Hey everyone,

I couldn't find a more appropriate place to make this post, so here it ended up.

What I have is a PHP file that pulls information from a database, and then prints the information in an xml format. This can be viewed [url=http://www.briancomeau.net/WDT/forum/admin/news_puller.php]here[/url]. If you view the source, note the XML and the spacing within the 'news' child.

Now, the problem I am having is back on the main site [url=http://www.westerndaytraders.com]here[/url]. Notice how the spacing from the XML is interpreted as being far more strict. I'm wondering how to add paragraph breaks to the XML so that it can be interpreted properly. Actually, if that can't be done, then how to remove the line breaks from the outputted XML completely. This would leave the post on the forum formatted properly, but the PHP would produce acceptable XML.

Please let me know your thoughts,

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