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Its not too bad at all.
Just a few things:

Your Nav menu on the left needs to be tidied up a bit. Currently there is nothing under the TIME section.
There is also too much space/padding under the headings of the Sections in the Left Nav.

Underneath you Welcome box - where the text is - this needs some more padding around the text.

Your images in the header and welcome are quite large.

On a code side of things -> The registration takes the following username: steve"s and on the next page it puts in a slash - steve/"s
You have to change your Magic Quote settings or something, or alter your code - try using the htmlentities function.
The email takes 123123 as an email. There are very useful scripts/ ereg which will check the email format for you.

Oh - when I login - then TIME appears! - which is wrong btw.

Anyways - it looks nice. The forum is well integrated. A few things would finish it.

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Excellent Job, I can't wait to see where this site goes. I just finished coding a similar RPG site and understand the challenges behind it.

My suggestions would be mainly for main page because thats where your usually going to either GRAB the user and pull them in for registration or going to lose them.

1) Maybe scaling down your header welcome, like not the actual image but the purple around it, on a small resolution I noticed it took up a massive amount of the area.
2) I feel like there is alot of space being wasted, like you want your register right at the top, in their face to grab the attention so they don't have to hunt for it...
3) I also feel like there is space lost by the poll, most people wouldn't want to scroll down that far to see the news.
Time is also still not working for me on NAV and too much space is wasted on the search.

Possible layout for index :

Header Ad, advertising a game, shop, site related or outside party.

Welcome image, maybe no purple (I feel like there is too much) with no curved border just the image.. below it your short description.

To the right side stats, login, latest posts, poll..

On the left, register, news

If you need any help working on the site or code just let me know, i'd be happy to help.
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^ Agreed about the main page--that's what really makes a person want to join it. And I like your suggestions...

I'm not a fan of the colorscheme--it's a bit too bold. I think the purple looks overkill.

Your little creatures are really cute though. :)
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Hey CutePets! I have a couple question is you could please either email me at jad9321@hotmail.com
or instant-message me at:

AIM:  djjoeyd93
MSN: jad9321@hotmail.com

I would like to start my own game (like yours) But need a gideing hand and i think you would be nice enough to help me out.

(If you help me you will get MAJOR credit on my site!!!)


Ps... If anyone else could help, let me know...
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