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can't find a file/url in a php shopping cart

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I'm not familiar with php at all, somebody created our website: www.cells-for-less.com

If you notice on the homepage there is a cell phone logo and it says, "Cells For Less - Our name says it all"
I want to change that link to: www.doctorcellphone.com

I understand basic html, but I can't find which file has this code.  When I view source it says, [home]1.php and I can find that url that it's linking to.

but there isn't a home[1] in our directory there is a home.php which I believe is what it's referring to (I've noticed notepad add [1] to various documents) but when I download it from our ftp server it's a completely different file.  There are so many directories and sub-directories I can't find which one it can be.

On a different note, I'd really like to have two different images on the homepage with two different links one for Cells-for-less and one for doctorcellphone.  If you notice it's just one image, with one link going to doctorcellphone no matter where you click.  Originally it was 2 different images, but I can't find the file with the correct code, so I can't add them as two different images and two different links.  Even if I could, I probably wouldn't be able to align them correctly unless if somebody can let me know what the correct code would be. 


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