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Help creating an LDAP class

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Hello Everybody,

I'm having trouble with this class I'm making for doing LDAP authentication and Lookups.  However, I cannot output my results.  Can somebody shed some light on this please?

class ldap
  var $ldapconn; //ldap connection storage variable
  var $ldap_bind; //ldap bind storage variable
  var $entries;  //ldap entries variable
  var $dc = "my dc server";
  var $port = 389;
  var $ldapLookupUser = "ldaplookupuser";
  var $ldapLookupPass = "ldaplookup pass";
  function ldapConn()
    $this->ldapconn = @ldap_connect($dc,$port);
  function ldapBind()
    $this->ldap_bind = @ldap_bind($this->ldapconn,$ldapLookupUser,$ldapLookupPass);
  function ldapAuthenticate()
      return true;
      return false;
  function ldapSearch($by,$search,$ou)
    $read = @ldap_search($this->ldapconn, "ou=$ou,dc=mydc,dc=net", "samaccountname=*$search*");
    $entries = @ldap_get_entries($this->ldapconn, $read);
    for ($i=0; $i<$entries["count"]; $i++)
        $values = $values.$entries[$i][$by][0];
    return $values;
$ldap = new ldap;
$results = $ldap->ldapSearch("mail","myusrname","myou");
echo $results;
I know the ldap searches are working because it is not erroring out anymore.  Any help would be appreciated.

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