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HELP WITH USING MDB2 (works with Mysqli)

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Fellow Freaks:


I'm trying to run this script  PHP script to retrieve results from a mySQL database using MDB2.  (THIS WORKS WITH mysqli, SO IT IS NOT THE DB, access issues, etc!).  The problem is that it is hanging trying to call the method MDB2_Error::query().  I should note that I had to manually move the MDB2.php to the c:\php directory becasue it was hanging prior on not being able to find that file as specified in the require_once directive in the script below.  I already did a install mdb2 and install mdb2_driver_mysql. 


***************START SCRIPT******************




  <title>Book-O-Rama Search Results</title>



<h1>Book-O-Rama Search Results</h1>



  // set up for using PEAR MDB2


  $user = 'root';

  $pass = 'sesame';

  $host = 'localhost';

  $db_name = 'books';


  // set up universal connection string or DSN

  $dsn = "mysqli://".$user.":".$pass."@".$host."/".$db_name;


  // connect to database

  $db = &MDB2::connect($dsn);


  // check if connection worked

  if (MDB2::isError($db)) {

    echo $db->getMessage();




  // perform query

  $query = "select * from books where ".$searchtype." like '%".$searchterm."%'";


  $result = $db->query($query);


  // check that result was ok

/*  if (MDB2::isError($result))  {

    echo $db->getMessage();




  // get number of returned rows

  $num_results = $result->numRows();


  // display each returned row

  for ($i=0; $i <$num_results; $i++) {

    $row = $result->fetchRow(MDB2_FETCHMODE_ASSOC);

    echo "<p><strong>".($i+1).". Title: ";

    echo htmlspecialchars(stripslashes($row['title']));

    echo "</strong><br />Author: ";

    echo stripslashes($row['author']);

    echo "<br />ISBN: ";

    echo stripslashes($row['isbn']);

    echo "<br />Price: ";

    echo stripslashes($row['price']);

    echo "</p>";



  // disconnect from database





**********************END SCRIPT************************


************RESULT OF RUNNING THE SCRIPT***************************

C:\php>php results_generic.php



  <title>Book-O-Rama Search Results</title>



<h1>Book-O-Rama Search Results</h1>

MDB2 Error: not foundPHP Notice:  Undefined variable: searchtype in C:\php\resul

ts_generic.php on line 29

PHP Notice:  Undefined variable: searchterm in C:\php\results_generic.php on lin

e 29

PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined method MDB2_Error::query() in C:\php\results

_generic.php on line 31

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