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Egg Hunt


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* Bland

* White, blue and black/grey doesn't work together

* The nav bar (grey) looks so out of place.

* The header font is great! But way too simple.

* Consider using a favicon


* The fonts are good

* The website works! Which is good, because they usually don't on my ubuntu rig.

* Resizes nicely


Happy Xmas



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i agree on all points above in crit


i would consider moving the flower into the actual header instead of the background of the page





so it would be




(flower image ) egg hunt  (maybe a mirror or the flower image)


and kinda blend the header into the background a bit it seems like it would clean it up a bit more

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It may just be the fact that I'm using FF3 on Ubuntu, but the layout seems to be thrown together a bit. For example, the menu is in a white box... with a border on three sides, but not the bottom.. and it just goes right into the blue background (of the content, not the background itself - more on this later). The basic boxes will work out great if you clean it up a bit. I'd suggest extending the menu box down around the content of the page with a padding on both sides and on the bottom. I would also suggest changing the background of the content (header image, menu, etc) to something other than the main background color of the page (the blue). It makes it look like the image is just cut off and makes it look unprofessional. Adding a 1px border around all of the content and changing the background at least a little bit will make it look 100% better.


As for the expanding of the site, consider setting a minimum width to the content of the site (a wrapper around text and header image). It will prevent the text/columns from shrinking after the page has shrunk down to the size of the header image. This way, the content will stop shrinking at the same time the image stops moving.


Other than that, maybe add a 1px black border below the ads... and get the forum page up and running. But that's all I can think of. The site definitely has potential. I wish you the best of luck with it!

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