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Having ASP, Java and others in line, leading PHP. Making a choice is difficult.

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Dear friends,
I am just a beginner but i know one thing very well that there always had been a question of WHAT TO CHOOSE AMONG ALL THE GREAT SERVER,CLIENT SIDE PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES.

Recently i came to know that PHP announced its latest version, which i know has been in market for long, but my question still remains that ASP, JAVA AND OTHER LEADING LANGUAGES DO HAVE AN EDGE OVER PHP???? (IS IT NOT THE CASE, PLEASE REPLY).

Above are the questions that i always think of.... I would like to mention here that [b]i myself selected PHP over others[/b] because of its not microsoft..... (i don't like microsoft).

More Questions:
[b]AJAX is something new to me[/b], i want someone to answer me about this thing. i read a number of tutorials online and found them good for knowledge sake.

The question that i want answered in details is about the future of PHP as microsoft and others are going for some sort of new dimensions, vista is coming to catch the market, microsoft live is another thing new to me. I just want to know [b]how will PHP compete in future 10 to 20years[/b] or so....

I will be thankful to those who reply to my questions.
[b]Thanking all of you in anticipation[/b].

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nobody knows if php will be around in 10 to 20 years. hell, the world could be blown up by then.  but as to php vs. those other languages, the only one that you can really compare to php is asp. It doesn't make sense to really compare php to say, javascript, because they are used in 2 different environments (server vs. client).  here is a random article (googled) on asp vs. php:


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I moved from ASP to PHP years ago, ASP is crap, ASP .NET is okay, but then the problem there;
* ASP is not open source.
* ASP is just for M$ boxes, although there are linux ports (even .NET has been/is being ported to linux by freelance coders)
* It has a syntax similar to VB, whereas PHP has a syntax similar to that of C.

Since PHP is open source, it could last forever, and if M$ drops support for ASP it will eventually die out.

Another note; I have tried Vista, its poor, Fedora Core 6 is coming out soon however :D

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