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PHP - Receive Submitted Contact Form Details ???

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I'm on the edge of finishing my website, which has a "Contact" form, allowing people to fill in their question & once they press the "Submit", after the data gets validated (using all the validation I've in it for each individual fields like Name, E-mail, Telephone, etc.), it should reach my e-mail. It can be seen on:


I'm using PHP's mail function to receive this form & its code is:

(mail("contact@allinclusivewebdesign.co.uk", $_POST['inquiry'], stripslashes($_POST['message']), "From: " . $_POST['email']))

As far as I know, we HAVE TO HAVE "SMTP based e-mail" rather than merely using "yahoo" or "hotmail" e-mail.

Right now, I'm interested in having a FREE php hosting, since it's only a start so paying to have "smtp" based e-mail makes less sense (which I believe I almost always get when I pay towards a Web Hosting).

Now, some website offering "php web hosting" for free such as companies like: http://www.0php.com/free_PHP_hosting.php

says they offer POP3 e-mail as a part of their package, so is this what I need OR should I be looking for something that specifically says "SMTP" or something ???

I'm bit at sea as what EXACTLY do I need in order to be able to receive the "submitted form" on some e-mail.

Can anyone point me in the right direction OR any website that offers free php hosting having feature that allows me to RECEIVE this submitted form on some e-mail ???

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POP based email is used to recieve email, not send. If you can recieve POP email, most likely you can send SMTP based email. Try it:
[code]<?php mail('your@email.address','This is a test','This is just a test','From: your@email.address'); ?>[/code]


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