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Could some please change this code, will take under a minute

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I'm using phpnuke, and need the link to redirect if the person is not signed in as a user. The code was changed to do this for a different file so I need it to be changed for the one I need. 10 frih for this.

[b]The code used to be this[/b]

<td align=center><strong><a href="{$SELF}?name={$MODULE}&op=submit_video">{$LANGUAGES.Submit_Video}</a></strong></td>[/code]

[b]and was changed to this[/b]

<td align=center><strong><a href="{$SELF}?name=Your_Account&op=new_user">{$LANGUAGES.Submit_Video}</a></strong></td>

[b]Now I need this code to be changed to redirect to modules.php?name=Your_Account&op=new_user if the person isn't signed in like it does in the above code[/b]

[code]."<img src=\"themes/LightBlue/images/icon_dot.gif\" border=0 align=\"center\"> <A href=\"modules.php?name=Video&op=submit_video\">Submit Video</a> \n"[/code]

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Not exactly sure what you mean, but should just be able to copy and paste the variables

[code]."<img src=\"themes/LightBlue/images/icon_dot.gif\" border=0 align=\"center\"> <A href=\"modules.php?name=Your_Account&op=new_uer\">Submit Video</a> \n"[/code]


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