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MySQL PHP Connector


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I got this book called "Learning PHP & MySQL" from my dad. I've just started the installations, and I'm about to install the MySQL Connector.


It says: Download the MySQL PHP Connector from http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/php

But all I can see is the MySQL search. After a while of just clicking around, I found a .zip that I thought would be it. But it didn't contain the "libmysql.dll" file that I should copy to system32.



So now I'm very confused, is there somewhere else I can download this .zip . Or am I doing something completely wrong?  ???


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oh okay thanks. Well it says on step 8: Navigate to your phpinfo.php test page. You should now see a section with the heading MySQL in the middle of the page. That section confirms that PHP can talk to MySQL    - will this work if I use WAMP?

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I never had any luck installing Apache and PHP on Windows by myself... that's why I always use WampServer :P


Ok... let's check some things


1. Does http://localhost/phpinfo.php display a phpinfo page?

2. Do you have these two lines in php.ini file?




(note, there's no ; at the beginning. Remove it if you have it)


3. Did you restart your Apache server after modifying php.ini file?

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As I said, I'm pretty lame when it comes to installing PHP and Apache on Windows... :P


If the FAQ didn't help you, perhaps you should actually try WampServer. You'll have PHP+MySQL working in minutes.

Or you can try asking someone else.

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