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"Mothership" Server


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Say I've got this:


Company A needs to utilize the services of Company B. Both Companies are using my application. Company A can assign Company B to the job. <-- This sounds simple enough, Company A needs to create a profile for Company B and can then just assign them as needed (Company B would be equivilant to an employee in Company A, but Com. B is serving some area of the country where A does not have employees).


Now the cool part. When A assigns B to the job, B gets the information automatically added to it's DB. A and B's servers are both sitting on the companies local servers. So, I need a way to get the info from A to B. Here are my possible solutions:


1. I've got a "Mothership" server that gets updated when A assigns B. Then, B queries the Mothership DB to see if they have a new job.


Pros to 1:

I can keep my DB schema from A to mothership to B.

It's conservative (I know this would work)


Cons to 1:

Any changes to schema would have to be reflected on the mothership server.

HEAVY traffic on the mothership database. The query from A to Mship would have to occur periodically (Like, every few seconds, minutes at most.) If I just had A and B companies it would be fine, but looking into the future, what happens when I've got companies A, B, C, all the way through ZZ? Or, in reality, when we've got a network of hundreds of companies (Our target number of clients is in the 100's).


2. Use SOAP to work directly with A and B, no mothership needed.


Pros to 2

No mothership


Cons to 2:

I have no knowledge of SOAP.

Heavy traffic on each companies servers


That's where I am at now. I was also contemplating an XML based file containing all of the info needed, and storing that file in the DB. I still have lots of calls to the DB, but the DB is smaller in size. I also thought about using XML and a file system on the mothership server, but that sounds dangerous.



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Couldn't the server that needs to be modified always listen?



For example, if my friend across the room wants to tell me something, I wouldn't periodically ask him if he has anything to say.  I would be listening (maybe :P) and he would just tell me.



Minimal traffic



Always listening, thus always running, although the overhead would be very, very small.



Or maybe I've misunderstood the question.  Now that I reread it, I think I have, but the concept could still apply.








(And for those out there that are going to want to generalize, I do realize that constantly listening could, indeed, be a bad idea sometimes.)

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I guess that always listening could work, but I really don't want to go down that route. I have a feeling Security would come up quite a bit. But how exactly would that work? I would need a listener on EVERY page of my app.


Maybe I'm missing something, but if there is a constant listening, wouldn't that mean high traffic?

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Why would every page of your app need to listen?  You would have one script/application listening.  Also, why would listening create traffic?  Perhaps you're thinking of polling and not listening?



What exactly is your server setup again?



Serv A and B are entirely separated, in different LANs?

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So, I've decided to just use a completely unnormalized table on the mothership. When a admin goes to the home.php page an ajax call is sent to the mothership, if it returns true, then there are jobs there (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM lightspeed WHERE pServer = 'someuniquevalue' AND down = '0').


SOAP just seemed like too much work for this.

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