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' and " errors

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I've been making a script recently whic requires me to include variables/data/information (w/e) from a SQL database. I have got to a point where I have information put into double quotes, an example of which is:


OnMouseDown='set("{$this->sql_fetch[desc]}", "image_resize.php?src=uploads/{$this->sql_fetch[File]}", "{$this->sql_fetch[id]}", "uploads/{$this->sql_fetch[File]}");


However one of the variables I am calling already has an apostrophe in it, such as(quote from temp. database):

[quote]This description holds an apostrophe (' <-- look it's there... and again) to see what it does to my code[/quote]

... I am wondering if there is any way to get around this. I am aware of the \' trick used when echoing, can this be used in some way?

Thanks everyone.

Oh and BTW the part where the problem is (the above code) is in an EOF echo/variable assignment... If that helps you think of something at all... therefore come to think of it it's an issue with the inclusion of the same marks in javascript...

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if the variable is in PHP, then you can use addslashes() to escape the 'single quote mark'

check out http://us3.php.net/addslashes

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