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membership system

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#1 runnerjp

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Posted 07 July 2006 - 11:13 AM

hey all once again

i have been having some trouble setting up a membership system.... i have set numerous once up but i could not get it to be like what i wanted it to be... once you sign in it swent you to a page where there where links to pages u could get to when beeing a member yet if u typed the url into browser u could still access the pages...useless!!!
i have recently got rid of the login scripts and ready to start from scratch
wat i want to know is how can i makeit so if a users signs in it send you to the same homepage as i have set up but this time has member links!!
can any one help me set all this up...bare in mind im startin from scratch... i wud be very very gr8full

#2 GingerRobot

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Posted 07 July 2006 - 11:34 AM

so you want to redirect someone to a new page after sign in?


#3 wildteen88

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Posted 07 July 2006 - 11:36 AM

For creating a membership script have a read of this tutorial. Also there are loads more tutorials out there for creating a membership system too.

#4 craygo

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Posted 07 July 2006 - 03:11 PM

Once the person in logged in you could assign a session id to a group or something. Then when the page is opened the first thing it should look to see if the session is assigned, if not, post message and redirect back to login page.

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