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simple (?) question

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Am new to MySQL and relatively new to PHP. Am trying to marry the two together, but have met with confusion at the first hurdle. My server (www.aspfreeserver.com) provides me with two folders - \'www\' and \'db\'. I create my PHP offline, on my home machine and then ftp it to the server. Similarly, my MySQL db is on my local disk, but not online. I\'ve not set up my home pc as a server, hence the need to upload.


However, from what I can tell, MySQL doesn\'t create a discrete file (like Access, or something) for the database, rather a folder for it. Do I just upload this folder to my server, and if so do I upload it into the \'db\' folder or the \'www\' folder. Once uploaded, how do I then connect to the database in PHP, since there is basically no file on the server for it to recognise. I\'m pretty sure that the server supports MySQL, since if I run phpinfo() there is a MySQL section that reports all its settings.


I\'m may be missing some obvious point here, and probably am, but if anyone can point me in the right direction I\'d be really grateful!


Thx in advance,




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Taken from http://www.aspfreeserver.com/specification.asp

Connect to Microsoft Access 97  2002 databases


You can connect to Microsoft Access 97 or 2000 databases using DNS-less connections. DSN-less connections are faster than System DSN connections because DSN-less avoids doing a registry lookup. Furthermore you can receive additional performance benefits by directly using the OLEDB layer. You will also have a /db directory to store your databases in, this is above your webspace and so is a much safer place to store sensitive information. Your sites visitors will not be  able to browse this folder.


So this means they dont Mysql and you can just create a Ms acess database locally which may be uploaded to the db folder :)


So the Mysql and PHP marriage is pre-matured right now :) lol

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