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Include problems - quite weird!

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Hi guys,

I have a join script which calls a config script. This works fine.
However the following line in the config file calling a functions include does not work (its in the same directory as the config file which is being called fine from the join form):

include ("/Supplier/supplierfunctions");

I have tried: ..htdocs/Supplier/supplierfunctions.php
                www.fulladdress.com/htdocs/Supplier/ supplierfunctions.php
and everything else in between....

But all I get is "failed to open stream: No such file or directory"

Any help would be great, as I feel so close, yet so far!!!



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Hi it is quite difficult to answer without seeing the folder make ups, if they are both in the same folder i.e htdocs/supplier then the include statement should be
include ("supplierfunctions.php");
note the inclusion of the .php which your origonal include did not have

if they are in different folders i.e the calling page is not in the same folder as supplierfunctions.php you could try
include ("../Supplier/supplierfunctions.php");

see how you get on

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