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Groups, ranks, and hierarchy on PHP Freaks

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The following is a listing and description of the special groups and ranks on phpfreaks








People who are in this group have purchased a Supporter subscription.  The money goes directly towards keeping the servers running so that we can continue to provide the PHPFreaks community as a public resource.  Supporters enjoy having a nifty badge next to their name, as well as having the forum advertisements disabled, for the duration of their subscription.  Supporters do not possess any authority or special privileges (like Mod powers) on PHP Freaks, nor will extra consideration be given to a Supporter for a Staff position.  You can purchase a subscription via your profile.


Staff Alumni



This group is composed of people who were former staff members of the PHP Freaks community. They no longer possess any authority or special privileges on PHP Freaks.




Post based ranks


These are the ranks that are based on your current post count. These do not signify hierarchy, status, skill, endorsement from PHP Freaks, or anything else. They merely signify your accumulative post count (regardless of their quality).


Title:Required posts:








'Mind Boggling!'15,000-∞




PHP Freaks Staff


This is the "Staff" of the PHP Freaks community, the members who actively help out and make decisions around here.  There is no formal application process for becoming a Staff member of PHP Freaks.  Nominees are picked by current PHP Freak Staff.  We actively look for people to join our ranks and we do have some criteria that must be met before considering someone, but in order to keep people from trying to "cheat the system," we refrain from making our methods public.  If you wish to be promoted to one of these groups, our best advice to you is to be an active member of the community, be a ninja, help others, etc... and in time you will be noticed.





The Gurus are a group of people who have been around for a while, are active, and have shown to be very knowledgeable in one or more areas of interest of PHP Freaks.  Gurus take part in making decisions to shape the community, have limited moderator permissions, and have permissions to post blog posts and tutorials on the main site.


Global Moderator



In addition to Guru responsibilities and abilities, the moderators can modify, lock, and delete any post or topic. They are reponsible for enforcing the rules and may issue warnings or ban any member. Questions regarding a particular moderation action or warning should always be made to whomever did it. If a resolution cannot be found then you may appeal to an admin. The mods have a great deal of influence in the decision making on PHP Freaks.





In addition to Moderator responsibilities and abilities, the admins are responsible for running the server, and they have root access to our servers. They are the highest authority on the forum, and are those who ultimately have the final say in any matter. Questions regarding the operation of the website, questions/help with your account, etc. should be made to an administrator.




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