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Replace line breaks with </li><li> (perhaps a PH

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Okay, I want to enter into a box some lines that will be stored in one cell. Anyway, when I press \"enter\" and make a new line in the box, I want those line breaks to be replaced with \"</li><li>\" so that I can do:



and it\'ll make a list.


Should I do this through some PHP method or should I have it enter it into the table and then run a SQL REPLACE command and replace... whatever line break is with </li><li>?


Explain to me how to do what you suggest please. Thanks a bunch. :)

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Hmmm, interesting. Well, I have not tried this using line breaks, but I have with other symbols. What you need is the str_replace function. It will replace the specified symbol/space/whatever with whatever you choose.


On the porcess PHP page (the one where you INSERT the information), run the variable (which holds all the info that you entered) through this:


$replace = str_replace("/n", "</li><li>", "$string");


Where $string is the information. I am totally not sure if it will accept the /n as a line break :S If any errors popup, change that to || or some other obscure symbol, and use symbols to define the </li><li>


Oh yeah, and enter the $replace variable into the database, and not the old $string (or WHATEVER) :P

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