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CREATE TABLE query added to a function

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i need to add a "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS $picId" query in this. for some reason my attempts have failed - can this be done?

   function edituser($picId,$firstname,$lastname,$password,$aka,$email,$url,$website,$city,$state,$talent,$biography,$approved,$customerid) {
      $sql = "update stars set picId='$picId',password='$password',email='$email',firstname='$firstname',lastname='$lastname',aka='$aka',website='$website',url='$url',city='$city',state='$state',talent='$talent',biography='$biography',approved='$approved' where customerid='$customerid'";      $results = $this->update($sql);
      return $results;

(also, $picID will have a .jpg extension which needs to be removed)

can anyone help me with this? thanks in advance


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$picId? Your table is called "stars".  I'm confused.

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