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Runescape stat sigs.


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To be a little more specific, you're going to need to learn some basic PHP before you can really do anything. In the slightly longer term, you're going to need to find out about scraping web pages and extracting information, possibly with some regular expressions. You'll then need to take a look at the GD library for image generation.


Though not strictly an absolute beginner's tutorial, it doesn't get too much more basic than this tutorial on loops:




It covers plenty and is all commented well. If that doesn't do it for you, you'll find tutorials by the bucket load if you google. Of course, before you can use them you'll need some environment to work with. Either register yourself with some free hosting to get started, or you might like to install something like wamp (assuming you're working in windows) to test locally.

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Again, this is a forum where people come to learn and discuss PHP programming. The people that come here, teach others PHP, for free.


But you can't just say "I want to create this and this, teach me". You have to start at the beginning, learning the syntax and basic language features. And more importantly you have to make an effort.


Try this silly analogy: let's say you want to learn how to make pottery. You enlist in a pottery class. Then you are expected to make an attempt at an ashtray yourself as well. If you walk into the pottery class and say "I'd like to have a Ming Dynasty replica vase, please make me one", chances are you will get similar reactions as you are getting here.


Getting it?

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