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I hope for the sake of my sanity and the safety of my computer someone can help. I have been trying to install php5 to use with apache2 and windows xp. Apache installs fine and when you look up localhost you see the apache welcome screen no problems. Then the fun begins I download php5 save it to C drive under PHP5 move and rename the php.ini file to WINDOWS. Then move php5ts.dll to WINDOWS-SYSTEM32. Edit the apache config file with the usual LoadModule and AddType info. Then create phpinfo file store it in htdocs in apache. When I try to access it in IE, Firefox or Opera all I get is the error 404 file not found message. If you load a html page into the browser this works fine.

I have restored my computer numerous times to rectify the problem but every time same message. No matter where you move the files always the same. The sad thing is I had php5 and apache running on the computer fine before.



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Ok got the answer. Installation was done correctly, Apache configured correctly the error was that notepad text editor was creating phpinfo file as a text file not a php file even though .php extension was used that was all it was 10 days of searching for that. Readjusted text editor and up popped the correct screen.

Many Many Thanks to all those who tried to help. And thanks to forum for letting me post query.


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