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Saving XML to server ~ sent from Flash to PHP

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Hello All ----

I am relatively new to PHP and need some minor assistance. I am passing from Flash to PHP an XML object which I only need PHP to save on the server. The XML file that is being saved is close to correct but has some extraneous characters inserted (" \ "). I am guessing I need to escape or parse them, but not really sure. Here is my PHP code:

    $filename = "images.xml";
    $receivedData = $_POST['xmlData'];

    $fp = fopen($filename, "w");
    fwrite($fp, $receivedData);

Here is the a sample of the XML that is saved on the server:

<album description=\"Description of New Album\" title=\"New Album\" lgPath=\"/\" tnPath=\"gallery//\" tn=\"gallery/sample_tn.jpg\">
<img title=\"Title Here\" imgName=\"sample.jpg\" />

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks for any and all replies.

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Hey bubbadawg,

You have magic_quotes_gpc turned on.  Use stripslashes($_POST['xmlData']); and this should solve your issue.

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