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mysql_free_result() and unset()

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I'm creating a CMS for a friend who plans to have an estimated 10,000 or more people register accounts and at a minimum maintain around 1,000 online at a time.

I plan to store all of the user information in MySQL along with some other information and I was curious as to whether I should use mysql_free_result($query); at the end of the footer file used on every page to clear up all of the queries or not.

I was also wondering, would performace be an issue if I didn't? How much does mysql_free_result effect load times? What's the difference between unset($query) and mysql_free_result($query)? And lastly, should I unset all of my variables created on the page as well as free up the queries?

If anyone can provide some insight, thanks 8)

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If you, as you say, put it at the end of the file, then it is unnecessary as it is automaticly done at the end of the script execution. I have actually seen an example where a script without used less memory than one with mysql_free_result(). I do not think it is necessary to call this function.

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