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User Login Redirection

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Hello again. 

I am trying to create a login form for users.  I'm not looking for something that will be of the highest security.  Basically, if User1 wants to login, I would want User1 to get redirected to User1's own directory.  I haven't tried putting code together, because I'm having problems finding what I should use here.  But, I can type out what I mean, it may make it easier to gain some assistance.

[code]if (user == 'user1' && pass == 'pass1');
openurl ("./user1/index.php');

elseif (user == 'user2' && pass == 'pass2');
openurl ("./user2/index.php');

openurl ("loginfailed.php');[/code]

Is there even a string that would call a URL to open, such as "openurl ("./user1/index.php');"?

Also, is there a string that I could include on all pages of a said directory, that would check to see if the user is logged in, if not direct them to the login page?

I see a lot about this, but it's worded in ways I am having problems understanding how to associate it in my own page.

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In my login script I just made it so if the login information was correct it just included a page of the members area and then I started their session. Then if they didn't have the right information it printed "Wrong username or password."


if (user == 'user1' && pass == 'pass1'){
include 'user1/index.php';

} else {
        print "Wrong login information";

Sorry if I made a mistake. I am kinda in a hurry. Try something like that.

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The function you're looking for is the header() function. Please see http://www.php.net/header


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