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Pear PDF and custom wrapper class issues

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Okay, yet another insurmountable one to tease your brains.


Before I start, you should know that I _COULD_ extend the entire class, but that would defeat my purpose of 'simplifying' for the novice developer. Anyway ... here goes.


As it stands i have a PDF controller which does its thing very well in acting as the middleman to PEAR's File_PDF class.


However, it is not acting as an 'extended' class, it is its own class. The core function: CreateDocument() does the following:

$this->PDFLink = &File_PDF::factory(array('orientation' => $Orientation, 'unit' => $this->Unit, 'format' => $this->PageSize), $this->ExtensionClass); 


okay so this is fine, and works well on every single thing except where i need to override a function as originally defined in PEAR's PDF class (File_PDF)


The two functions in particular? header() and footer() ...


Is there a way for me to extend in such a way as that i have the ability to 'redefine' the header() and footer() functions in a way similar to below:


//$PDF = new PDFController; // my 'middleman' pdf controller

class MyPDF extends PDFController {  // PDFController does not extend to anything but instead calls File_PDF::factory() within one of it's functions.

    function header() {
        //overwrites PEAR function defined in File_PDF class


$PDF = new MyPDF;
$PDF->AddPage(); // adds a page with included styles etc from header() and footer() functions


Any ideas? I realise this could be impossible, but you never know, someone might know something i dont. :)

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