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Ok i need to make a website for my clan and i have the layout all done and ready(i think) theres only one small problem...i have no idea how to write in html or php or what ever web text u can think of. I am asking if anyone that has expirience with with coding a website help me get mine up and running. I am asking for this to be done for free since am not able to pay anyone since i dont have a paypal acc.  Any help from someone would be apriciated and if your just looking for a staff position on a gaming site plz contact me my e-mail is arturocm08@yahoo.com
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1st, this would be more of freelancing...so it's probably going to get moved into there.

2nd. There are TONS of tutorials online for ANYTHING you want to do, especially html and/or php. I would recommend putting it back into photoshop, slicing it up, save for web and mess around with what comes out, at least that will be a start.

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