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installing Dreamweaver Mx

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i am building a system using php, mysql, apache, jpgraph on Windows xp using notepad. my system are connected to the database, can generate graph and function properly. But i want to use Dreamweaver Mx instead of coding in the notepad.

So after installing the dreamweaver Mx, What do i need to do in order to make my system run?is there any configuration that i need to make to the php.ini, jpgraph.php, mysql or in the dreamweaver to make it run?

Please list out the steps or recommend a site for me to install and configure it?

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Hi there,


not a big problem really. If you managed to successfully get the mySQL database and the PHP running on your box then all you have to do in DW MX is to connect to the database server using the guides in your help views (if you can\'t see them, check in Properties that they are visible). You can see that the connect to the db is working if you see the dictionary definitions from your database in DW.

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