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HTML tag to open a window in new tab


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Hey folks,


I am designing my own website. I want the tabs to open in new window with control remaining with the existing page.


I tried using

. The link is getting opened in the new tab but the control is being transfered to the new page where as I want it to stay with the parent page.


I know to an extent it depends on the web-browser but still I want to know the best way to do so.

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Target is now deprecated, for the very reason that you shouldn't be taking control out of the hands of your users. If they want to open a new window/tab, they can do it themselves.

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I am sorry for making a slight mistake in my post...I actually want that all the URLS/Hyperlinks present on the index page of my website should by default either open in new window or in new tab...i.e. I want my index page to always remain open on the browser...

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it's not really your place to decide. but i get it.  in a page im building, my links are div containers, so you cant really right click and go down to open in new window/ tab, but this might work (emphasis on might):


* { 
target-new: tab ! important 



i haven't gotten it to work yet, but i'm probably just missing something.


it's "theoretically" supposed to work if your browser knows what the hell you're talking about first.


"tabs? dude, i got tabs?!"



- good luck.

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