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Dreamweaver PHP and Frames

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Im new to dreamweaver, php, and frames and im trying to learn how to use them in dreamweaver i made 3 frames 2 of them are html and one is php. When i open the frames it just shows the code in the center frame. http://www.mystupidcrap.com/scott/frameset.php . But if i open the center frame by itself it works fine. http://www.mystupidcrap.com/scott/FrameMiddle.php . Its supposed to be a random picture genorator what am i doing wrong with the frames please help.

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the code for the frames is





<title>Untitled Document</title>


<meta http-equiv=\"Content-Type\" content=\"text/html; charset=iso-8859-1\">


<frameset rows=\"122,*,117\" cols=\"*\" framespacing=\"0\" frameborder=\"NO\" border=\"0\">


<frame src=\"file:///C|/NewWeb/FrameTop.htm\" name=\"topFrame\" scrolling=\"NO\" noresize >


<frame src=\"file:///C|/NewWeb/FrameMiddle.php\" name=\"mainFrame\">


<frame src=\"file:///C|/NewWeb/FrameBottom.htm\" name=\"bottomFrame\" scrolling=\"NO\" noresize>







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ya i figured that out timmy helped me i got confused because the ceter wasnt working when it was php but it did when it was an html so i thought it was a php problem and not a html because the top and bottom frames worked and the center didnt....... I\'m so fucking dumb

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