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Image Gallery - navigating BIG page help

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Sorry - crossposted to a PHP forum. Didn\'t know the DW forum existed...


Not a hand-coder yet. Been using DreamweaverMX - but am certainly willing to hand code! 2 pages - thumbnails (index.php) and big.php. User clicks a thumbnail and goes to big.php to see full version. This is done by passing the image\'s ID to big.php. I can filter the BIG recordset to contain only the record for what was clicked and see the correct picture. Not what I want. I need the BIG page to contain ALL records and \"jump\" to the image that was clicked, then provide Previous/Next links to view all full sized images - 1 at a time.


I need to know what dynamic parameter to include in the thumbnail\'s link (I\'m guessing some kind of row number identifier) and how to code the BIG page to know what to do with that parameter.


This is PHP and MySQL.


Example is here:



You can download both pages as a 3k ZIP file on the index.php page.

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