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SEO with dynamic pages

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I'm making a shop using PHP / MySQL and would like to use search engine optimisation for each item individually. I just wondered if anyone knows enough about how Google spiders the web to explain to me how I'd get the shop items registered individually rather than just one page which links to a database and changes dynamically.

Do I really need to create a "real" or HTML page which the search engines register and link it dynamically?

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Your need to indervigily make each page and spider that page to the product offred ok.

each page linked to the website will have to have its own meta tags define by product.

you might also have to use a www.name.com to get googled correctly.

in some instances you might be able to use the index.php domain name and sub domins for the products.

good luck.



http// ect..ect produt to relevent products to get properly googles ok.

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