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How to create a search function for my site?

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I am working on a PHP/MySQL site. I would like to create a search function so people can look for newsposts by submitting keywords.

After a bit of browsing the web, I have found some information about the match() against() functions. I have also read that these functions sometimes deliver \'bizare\' results for smaller databases.


Since I can\'t find a decent tutorial on search scripts, I was hoping someone could give some tips on this matter. I thought about a simple query like select * from news where body like %keyword%; However, this allows the user to only use one single keyword. I could solve this by using subqueries: select * from ( select * from news where body like %keyword_1% ) where body like %keyword_2%;

Is this a valid form of a subquery? Will this kind of thing work? Is it efficient?


Any help is welcome.



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