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Registration page in PHP

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Hello, I am looking for information on how I can have a page on my site where people can register for special deals and also at the same time register their product. Then be able to harvest information from these registrants vie a database.

What I need is:

For the basic registration part:

email address:
Age Group: (A drop down list of age groups)

For the product registration:

Product Name : a drop down list of product choices
Product Color : another drop down list of choices
Registration #: They need to key this in.

I also need this to work even if the customer doenst register a product b ut just registers for newsletters.

Is there something like this around that i could use as a model?

ANy help would be great!

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Create a form with the right fields, and query the database, and give us something to look at.

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Okay, that is where I need help. SO far the only PHP with databse I have ever made was a store locator where the customer just inputed a zipcode or state. Would I have to format some sort of table that housed the Product name for the drop down and another one for Product Color?

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