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While I'm in the posting mood I thought I'd drop in some food for though, a suggestion if you will...


First, some background. For some reason I enjoy personal projects (meaning unpaid, not necessarily my own) far more than client work and I'm sure that's the case with many developers. Hence, phpfreaks forum is rammed with developers at all levels seeking for and giving help.


My suggestion is to have a php competition. I've not had a huge amount of thinking into this so there are some holes (who to and how to mark it to name a couple). I can envisage a monthly competition being very popular with 'bedroom developers' as well as professionals.


Perhaps a one of, or a test competition would be a nice starting point... This could involve a brief and a time scale. For example


To implement a re-usable login system


Time scale: two weeks


  • must work in php 4 and 5
  • must use a mysql database
  • must be secure

and so on....


I'm hoping by now you get the idea. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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We've had multiple competitions here in the past.  It's currently tabled because of lack of interest and judges.  We may start up another one in the future but a re-usable login system seems like a complete waste of good coding time.  Any hack and their brother can probably mock up a half decent login system.

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  • must work in php 4 and 5


My question is why PHP 4? We are edging ever so closer to the cusp of PHP 6.. Perhaps there is a good reason why some hosting providers only provide PHP 4 (I'm admittedly drawing a blank on that however).. What I can say, however, is if my provider was still exclusively on version 4, I would be kicking them to the curb and migrating to one that does offer version 5.

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We did one contest for people to make a GD Library based calculator.  We also did one to make a browser based game.  Both times we had maybe a dozen people sign up but then most of them back out at some point in time.  Which caused the judges to think why bother and drag ass on judging.  In short, both times we tried, it was a big fat failure. 


It has been mentioned a few more times since then, and a couple people took interest, but it fizzled out again.  As ober said, in our experience, there just hasn't been enough interest in it.  It seems like a great idea on paper, with endless potential for all kinds of things, but...yeah, funny how reality doesn't always coincide.

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@ ober and nrg_alpha;


That was an example, it was not me saying this is what it should be, it was an example brief spun from the top of my head.


I didn't realise it had been done before, and it's unfortunate that people don't commit to it. Nice thought anyway.

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