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Language Packs & Style

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Hi everyone -- I love this new layout!

I'm on a new project with a sort of difficult person.  The page I'm building may be visited by someone with a Navajo language pack, and she wants to make sure it is accessible, so she is asking me to change all the fonts to Times New Roman "so that it will be compatible with Navajo".

Okay, maybe [b]I'm[/b] the one who is ignorant, but this seems really ridiculous.  I do virtually all style from an external CSS file, so what difference does this make to a language pack?  Doesn't it read the fonts the same?  I'm doing some research, but can anyone enlighten me on this?



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That wouldn't be something that css would do really. That would be just php. You should look into packages like OSCommerce they have a few languages in there that maybe you can pick up a few ideas from.

You would basically make your layout and have 2 different language packs...english and Navajo you would have to type up both. But as far as Navajo on the web...i'm a little rusty in that language so I don't really know where abouts to start with the language itself.

hope this helped a little


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