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ms word crap

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Ok as some know i have been doing a lot of file working latly(for experiance) and then i decided to leave .txt files and upload others so i went along and uploaded a .doc file! But it shows alot of crap! how do i get rid of it! this is a user agreement for a site that i uploaded!

[code]Џࡱက>?')?&????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????쥁q` ��bjbjqPqP .::????憀憀憀憀 �� d쀀

㍀區區區區區區$Ph?v 






䂀憀憀? Ze localz User Agreement
ZE Localz is a privately owned website and has the ability to ban or refuse you from visiting it if the following rules and regulations are not followed consistently by a user.
While using the services of Ze Locals I will not:
Post content of an inappropriate nature
use fowl or vulgar language that would offend any user
upload any crude or offending picture to Ze Localz under any circumstance
attempt to fraud any user by; not sending payment; not shipping the item that has been paid for
when selling type in any untrue information about the product being sold
put spam on the site
put false or misleading information in my profile (if I do not want certain information shared with other users I will not enter it but I know that the buyer/seller has the right to ask
Copy Ze Localz logos or any other site content
distribute viruses or any other technology that may harm Ze Localz or Ze Localz users
will not create chain letters or abuse the privilege of having a private message box

Ze Localz works hard to keep users safe and we do not send your information to third parties for marketing purposes without your consent. Please accept and respect others users thoughts, listings and forum posts if you do not agree with what they are saying ignore it.

By checking the box labeled I agree, you hereby state that you aree to the entire user agreement and understand that Ze Localz will try to help you resolve any problems however we are not responsible for your actions or the actions of other members. Also you agree that you are allowed by a legal parent and guardian to use the forums and that if you are using the store section of the site you are either:
Assisted by a legal parent/guardian
18 years of age or older
Browsing the items only
&و∀    {
5 > ? ?     v %
??ԌԾԶ̶̶????????? h,][hC(h<$?hC(h,][hIWh,][CJ,aJ,h#?5?CJaJh#?CJaJh<$?hUg?5?6?CJaJhIWCJaJhUg?CJaJhUg?5?CJaJh?|?aJh?|?aJ,h?|?>*CJ,aJ,&وሀ < s ? 
5 d ?    &
& FgdC(gd,][
& FgdUg?gd?|?$a$gd?|??,1?h?Я ?ཡ?"?#??$??%??Ђ?Ђ ?Ђ??@@��@ NormalCJ_HaJmH sH tH DA@��D Default Paragraph FontRi@��R  Table Normal?4ֆ
l4ֆa? (k@?(No ListH?@�� IW Balloon TextCJOJQJ^JaJ ?&ـက<s?f{5d?&'?ↀ??0???0???0???0???0??? 0??? 0??? 0??? 0??? 0??? 0??? 0??? 0??? 0??? 0 ???0???0???0???0???0??? 0??? 0??? 0?? 
?@ ??? ^?@ `????H.?h
?@ ??? ^?@ `????H.?
?P?L?P^?P`?L??H.ʟ��?|ZV????         ?        倀.C(IW,][#?<$?Ug??|????@?Unknown??????G??z ??Times New Roman5??Symbol3&? ?z ??Arial5&? ?za??Tahoma"q?��hd4?FҴ?F?4?F0  !��?????r4d2?Q��KX)��?䄀????????|?2?Ze localz User AgreementMatt M.Matt M.  ??��??+'?ٰ???ĀЀ?쀀? $
D P 
ht|??䄀Ze localz User AgreementMatt M.NormalMatt M.5Microsoft Office Word@ ??@??Ɓ@????Ɓ@쾕ljƁ?Ս՜.??+,?  hp???? ????
Ȁ 퀀䄀Mattswebpage 敋 Ze localz User Agreement Title
??? !"#$%??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????ot Entry?? ?F��ljƁ*?1Table?? BWordDocument??.SummaryInformation(?DocumentSummaryInformation8???CompObj???q??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?FMicrosoft Office Word Document

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Thats real crap lol.............

Does the file come out properly in a word program.

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A MS Word document is not a plain text document, as you have discovered. It is not meant to be changed except by programs that understand it's format. If you need the text from a word document, either save it as text and upload the text file, cut and paste from the Word program to where ever you want the text, or of this is to be displayed on a web site, just recreate the format in HTML.


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Yes, unless you have some way to parse it from binary then your options are to:
1) Save as .txt
2) Save as .XML
3) Just put it up or download.

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Rr there another way you can convert the .doc to a pdf file there you go..............

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[quote]that suxs.... lol..again notepad the free program proves better! ha![/quote]

You don't make sense.

.doc is a format, similar but more complex to that of .rtf, its not plain text.

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