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need help with a MySQL Database and PHP script installation

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This is wayy out of my HTML comfort zone :P and I am finding myself incredibly lost!

I have this PHP script (zip file) that I have uploaded to a website and the installation instructions aren't helping at all, so I'm progressing by trial and error.

There is an install.php file thats suppose to be a Database Quick Installer and you have to fill in the fields: Database Host, Database User, Password, Database Name, and then check a box if you want to create new database or another if you want to drop tables in existing database, then you hit Start and your done. I've tried every combination and nothing seems to work.

So, I logged on the myPhpAdmin and Imported a "dump.sql" file and that created 13 tables under my Database.

I can't figure out the next step tho...is index.php suppose to act like the homepage or do I have to put a link to the Database in an index.html?? Or is there another step I'm missing??

Hope that's easy to understand, and I thank you for any help you can give me!! ;D

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The good thing about the "trial and error" tactic...when you've got nothing else to do all day, it sure keeps you busy.

The bad thing about the "trial and error" tactic...I think I just fixed my problem, but I have no idea exactly what I did. I just kept tweaking things and refreshing and then all of the sudden the page was right THERE displayed exactly like it should be :o

So yea......... ;D

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