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PHP Mail Services in Linux...

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Not sure what forum this should be in..

I have Fedora Core 5 in a basic LAMP install...

I DID NOT install Mail Server as, I wanted to learn everything else before I did that...

I am very happy, but now I need to make EMail work.  I don't really need the whole server to work, I just need to be able to send an amail from a PHP script and have it send the mail to my ISP via smtp???

I have told php.ini to had the mail to my sendmail, and when I run mail script it says the mail fine, but I know that it doesn't send, as I have no idea how to make sendmail send the mail to my ISP via smtp...

How do I configure that?

In Windows PHP I actually tell it an IP to send to... but it doesn't work that way in linux... (confused)

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