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Can someone recommend a PHP editor?


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Hi there ppl.

I normally use jEdit for coding php. Its good but irs intended to be used for programming languages such as Java. Can any one recommend an editor for php which they have found particularly useful.

Thanks in advance as always.
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Even though i'm a total noob, this one has been a great tool and has all types of built in libraries of common PHP/HTML/XML/JAVASCRIPT functions and code. Highly rated, reivewed by the big software shareware freebie sites, etc. etc.

PHP Designer 2006 = [url=http://www.mpsoftware.dk/]http://www.mpsoftware.dk/[/url]
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Personally, i find phpdesigner 2006 a really great editor. If you download the php file then it passes your code and checks for syntax errors; because thing like ' " ( and { must also have a closing ' " ) }, it puts two of them in if you type one and positions the cursor in the midde(this can be turned off); if you highlight an opening or closing bracket (/) it highlights the other to help with checking logic. And of course it does things like syntax highlighting and giving function prototypes.
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I have been using PHP Expert Editor for a long time.
I find it has all I need plus a built-in server, code highlighting, FTP upload (you can save a file and it will upload automatically).


I recommend downloading 3.3 because it is more lightweight than 4.0 and faster loading.
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