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Permissions Problems - Please help!


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I have created a website using php and include files.  There is very little scripting involved, only html and include files used for headers and footers.  I had everything running on a test server and am now ready to move to the production server.  Ever since I installed php on the production server it prompts me for a user name and pass before I can view the files through my browser.  I've tried setting the permissions wide open for everyone to have full control and that didn't even work.  Can someone please help me?  I'm running windows with iis5 on the production box.  Here is the code of one of the pages:

<?php include "includes/header.inc"; ?>
<?php include "aboutfreeman/includes/aboutfreeman.inc"; ?> 

<!--- BEGIN Content ---->
	<table border=0 bgcolor=#ffffff>
	<tr><td valign=top>

<p><span class="main_header">Directions to the Freeman School</SPAN> 
<P></P><SPAN class=bodytext>
<P>Freeman School of Business<BR>7 McAlister Drive<BR>Goldring/Woldenberg Hall I and II<BR>New Orleans, LA  70118</P>
<P><B>Location</B><BR>The Freeman School is located at 7 McAlister Drive in Goldring/Woldenberg Halls I and II on Tulane&#8217;s Uptown New Orleans campus.  Goldring/Woldenberg Halls I and II are the second and third buildings, respectively, on the right from the corner of Freret Street and McAlister Drive. </P>
<P><STRONG>Directions From the West<BR></STRONG>Interstate 10 (I-10) East to the Carrollton Avenue Exit (Exit Right or South) <BR>Carrollton Avenue South to St. Charles Avenue (Turn Left)<BR>St. Charles Avenue (East), passing in front of the University, to Palmer Avenue (Turn Left or North) <BR>Palmer Avenue (through a residential area) to Freret Street (Turn Left) <BR>Freret Street (West) to McAlister Drive (Turn Right) </P>
<P><STRONG>Directions From the East <BR></STRONG>Interstate 10 (I-10) West to the S. Claiborne Avenue Exit <BR>Continue West on Claiborne for approximately 2 miles to Nashville (Turn Left or South)<BR>Nashville to Freret Street (Turn Right or West) <BR>Freret Street (West) to McAlister Drive (Turn Right) <BR><BR><STRONG>Directions From Downtown New Orleans<BR></STRONG>St. Charles Avenue (West) through the Garden District to State Street<BR>Turn right on State Street to Freret Street (Turn Left) <BR>Turn left Freret Street (West) to McAlister Drive (Turn Right)<STRONG> </STRONG></P>
<P><STRONG>Parking<BR></STRONG>Guest parking is available at meters (45-minute maximum time limit) on McAlister Drive.  Extended parking is available at meters in the Diboll Center Parking Garage on McAlister Extension near the Reily Center.  Permits for parking on McAlister Drive and on Tulane grounds are available at the Traffic office on the first floor of the Diboll Center.</P>
<P><B><A class="bodylink" href="http://www2.tulane.edu/about_campus.php" target=new>Click here for map</A></P></B></SPAN>



<?php include "../includes/footer.inc"; ?>



Thanks in advance for any help!



Edit: added code blocks

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