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Form-data validation-error msg-return to form

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1. I have a form that posts data.
2. I have php script that handles data and checks for errors. If no error, it returns page with the data that was entered and a thank you.
3. If there is an error: it returns the user to a blank form and exits the php script.

I want:
1. To at least echo an error message and return user to a blank form.

2. If I could echo an error message and return user to form with the data that they entered still there, that would be better.


Here is what I have:

if ((!$_POST[FirstName]) || (!$_POST[LastName]) ||(!$_POST[BusinessName])|| (!$_POST[Address])
|| (!$_POST[Email]) || (!$_POST[Email2]) || (!$_POST[Category])){
header("Location: http//www.go.back.here/submit_your_business.html");

This checks to see if data was entered in these fields.
If not: it returns user to blank form.

Again: I want to echo a message and then return to the form or return to the form with the message above the form....whichever is appropriate coding.

And then: if I can return the user to the form with an error message and the form still holding the data.....terrific.


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To be able to present the user with a form prefilled with their entries, the script that checks the input should be the same script that presents the form.

The basic flow would be:
[*]If the form has been submitted, check for errors -- storing the error messages in a variable
[*]If there are no errors -- process the data
[*]If there are errors or the form hasn't been submitted yet display the form. Where ever each field can have a value, display the value retrieved from the last form submission (if any).


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check http://www.allinthissite.co.uk/index/index.php?page=account&action=home and on either the register or login part click submit without entering anything and tell me if thats the sort of thing u want?

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1. Maybe I should have mentioned that the FORM is an HTML page....using the  Method = POST and then the ACTION calls the php script.

2. Yes -  as it pertains to the link: http://www.allinthissite.co.uk/index/index.php?page=account&action=home

However, If the user is returned to the form, I would like to be able to present the form with the data still present. If that is too much, I'll take what I can get.

I'm willing to change whatever is necessary. If the form needs to be presented via php as opposed to html, I'll try to do that.

Thanks for responding


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As it pertains to:
u have msn so i can send u the scripts?

Not sure what you mean.

Are you asking for an email address?


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