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Please Help i Can't Get Apache To Start Using Windows 98 se

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hi whoever you are ...lol i installled Apache 2 a few weeks ago and it was working fine. I have apache installed on windows 98se. I haven\'t ran it in a while and went back to it to test something on my website. Now Apache Won\'t Start and gives me this message When i try to start it:



[sun Nov 30 00:46:13 2003] [crit] <OS 10038>Socket operation on non-socket: make_sock: for address, apr_socket_opt_set: <SO_KEEPALIVE> no listening sockets available, shutting down

unable to open logs



Why would this happen all of a sudden when it was working fine in the past? and what might i be able to do to fix this problem? whoever you are thanx in advance.



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nah no firewall just mozilla firebird. but there is this MS DTC server that is on my computer and i have no idea where it came from i never seen it before.?

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