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How to connect to Oracle 10 from PHP web page on Whindows XP and IIS?

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I use Windows XP, MS IIS 5.1 and the PHP 5.1.4 installer from http://www.php.net and have installed Oracle Client and configured that to my db.
I want to connect to a Oracle 10 db on another server from a php web page on my computer.
Im a beginner to PHP.

My questions are:

1. Do I need to edit anything in php.ini to make this work?
I can find two names om dll files that i suspect have something to do with Oracle:


Do I need to activate any of those?

2. Since Im not good at PHP it would be very useful if I can look at example code that connects PHP to Oracle in a windows environment and IIS.

3. Do I need to do anything more?

Very grateful if anybody can help me or give me links to where I can find help.

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First you need to edit your php.ini file. make the oracle extension available by removing the ";". Remember, everytime you edit the php.ini file, you aslo need to restart the server.

The php code to connect Oracle is like $conn = ora_logon ("username", "password") or die(ora_error());
If your database reside in deifferent machine, your user name must similar like this: <username>@<ip address>.

For your information, im not expect in Oracle database, so please refer to www.php.net website for more information.

Thank you.

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