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I have writen a contact form that saves the results to a database instead of mailing it. I did this for several reasons. One is the ammount of people that I see asking how to send mail via php and two is a friend of my asked me if I could.

Anyways, I have a test version up and running and would like some suggestions on adding features or possiblely any problems with the script. [b]*Note[/b] this is an extreme beta version..lol. But is functional. The only thing that is not functional is the reply script. This is for security reasons.

Here is a link to the script. Please, no comments requarding the generic layout. Please stick to functional criticisms.


Any suggestions would be great.
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Buuuuuuggggggyyyyyyyy  :'( I broke it

I got this:
You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'Reilly', 'steve'o@test.com', 'Test "this"', 'Test's and more
and ' at line 2

You dont cancel quotes, and you allow html characters  >:(

Use htmlentities to tidy up and store the values.

Im not sure are quotes allowed in email addresses - but if they are you better plan for them.

Other than that - I do like the concept.
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