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New design on Travel Guide


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I asked for feedback on my travel guide to scandinavia a while ago and got some constructive feedback. In particular you suggested that I should change the banner and separate the menu from the contents. This is the my new design, and I would truly appreciate all critique and comments!


This is the website with a new (and hopefully improved) design:

My Norway Travel Guide - www.mynorwaytravelguide.org


This is the thread with your comments on my old design: http://www.phpfreaks.com/forums/index.php/topic,236188.0.html


Thank you all very much!!

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It's nice, though a little bland looking - doesn't look very eye catching. I'd round the bottom corners and I'd probs try and incorporate a larger version of that landscape picture into the actual design, subtly though... Just generally try and put some more detail into it, like the menu for example.


Overall nice work though, much better than before!



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