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error maybe its not sending to the db

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$query = mysql_query("SELECT * from profile where username = '$_GET[user]'") or die(mysql_error);
$profile = mysql_fetch_array($query);
$aim = $_POST[aim];
$msn = $_POST[msn];
$yim = $_POST[yim];
$website = $_POST[website];
$gender = $_POST[gender];
$age = $_POST[age];
$location = $_POST[location];
echo("You have left a spot empty!");
$query = mysql_query("UPDATE profile SET (aim = '$aim',msn = '$msn',yim = '$yim',website = '$website',gender = '$gender',age = '$age',location = '$location') WHERE username = '$logged[username]'");

i try to use this but it does't work can u help me?

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Change the bitwise operator | to the logical or operator of || in your "if" statement. See:


Take out the left and right parenthesis in the UPDATE. See:


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