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Form Results - getting a wierd setting in the form field

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When i load my script up on my local server (WAMP5) setup, I am getting the following item in all of my forms (where the results normally go), and am wondering if this is normal or I have an error along the way.

They all show <?= $quantity_available ?>, where the actual wording is the same as whatever is in the value field, in the form.

<td> <font size="2">&nbsp;
   <td> <input type="text" name="quantity_available" size="3"
        value="<?= $quantity_available ?>">

Is this normal or have I got something not quite right?  If this is normal, would it appear normally when loaded onto the normal server, as this appears wherever you would normally fill in the blanks.



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If you are getting <?= $quantity_available ?> in your input fields. Then PHP has the short tags directive turned off. I would recommend you to not use short tags but use the full tags instead, so instead of <?= use <?php echo

But if you want to use <?= then open you php.ini and find [b]short_open_tag = Off[/b] and change Off to On. Save the php.ini and restart WAMP.

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