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Please help a newvie with Apache installation & index.php blank

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I am a newbie and I know that you must have heard this question about a million times. I installed PHP5 and Apache2.0 manually (by inserting some code in the different files according to online instructions).
When I try to run Apache, I get an error message, that tells me that I need to insert a port in the httpd.conf file.
So far I entered the ServerName

www.nathaliesteinfeld.com : 80

in the file, but it still gave me an error. Does anyone know why and how I can get Apache to run? I guess I need Apache first to run my  php files? Thats where the next problem starts...

I am following the instructions to build a blog with Dreamweaver by Zaharia, but when I publish or test my files they appear blank. Any ideas as of why that happens?

Thanks so much, I think you guys are a great bunch for helping us newbies out and I will try to return whatever knowledge I might gain to the community. 


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Mmhh, I guess nobody had an answer to my question?!

However, I found a website that gave me some great instructions for apache and php installation on Windows XP. For all the struggling people out there go to the following link.


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