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I have a web 2.0 time tracking application on chronopolicy.com.  There are some obvious design flaws with my current design so I'm working with someone who is creating a new design.  I have a design mockup that I've attached to this thread.


Please critique the design and let me know what you think needs to be changed...or should I just scrap this new design altogether and start over?


Thank you,




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I'm sorry nobody gave you any feedback on this.  It certainly isn't bad but there are some things that just don't quite do it for me. I'm a big fan of blue but the shade of blue seems a little depressing to me.  Mixed with the grey color scheme the site comes across very dull.  Make sure you crank up the image quality for the rounded corners so they don't look jagged.  I'm not quite sure how I like the rounded containers blending in with the main feature section. How is that going to play out on other pages?  It is not a bad design but I think it needs some touch-ups.  I think maybe it is the font that also bothers me.

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