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[SOLVED] need help and bake.php


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I am quite new to cakephp

Basically I've downloaded the files and have placed them on c:/xampp/htdocs/newproject

Also, my database is done and I have uploaded it already via phpmyadmin


Now I tried running bake.php in the command prompt.

-I navigated to ../newproject/cake/console then ran php cake.php

-A console came out "Welcome to CakePHP v1.2.1.8004 Console"

-I then ran cake bake and the console asked "What is the full path for this app including the app directory name?"

-I typed in c:/xampp/htdocs/newproject confirmed it.

-After this, it was asking for a DB configuration so I type in all the info


When I look into newproject folder it looks like it's messed up with a lot of folders created, and There was no model/view/controllers created.


I tried to type in cake bake model in the command prompt but it says I should create a folder "models" under the cake/console directory.


Am I doing anything wrong? I've been trying to run the bake.php for 2 days now and I can't make it create MVC files.


any help pls? ???

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