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Distinguishing between table records using a button


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hey im new here, but just after a bit of help,


i have created a search engine for my database that works fine,

but the results are shown in a dynamic table.


i have managed to put a button within a field at the end of a record.


when more then one search result comes back, i need to now distinguish between the records found when i press the button in the corresponding record.


if this all makes sense, hope someone can help.


im using php, forms, table, mysql


Thanks in advance



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yeah it brings back usernames and other details... but the username is unique..


just been researching more into it....


if i have a form within a table to create the button, do i put the php to send the data to another DB table, within that form, thats within the loop?




if the button is pressed


set the username as a variable...


insert into table




still learning this and is gettin annoying lol


Thanks in advance

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